About Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is structured, repeatable, registered training with an approved agent, that leads to greater proficiency within an apprentice-able occupation. This can occur at any career level. Entry level or occupational upgrade requires at least 144 hours of training and requires at least one year on the job to reach mastery. 

For Employees

Apprenticeship means you have a structured training program that takes place on the job and in the classroom. With our Hybrid programs, you earn while you learn, with on the job learning outcomes and related instruction training. It’s how to build a strong career path for getting you to the next level. Furthermore; we provide sponsorship for both new employees and existing employees to further your career. 

For Employers

Apprenticeship means you’ll have employees that share your commitment to enhancing their skills and career. Programs can be customized by our Apprenticeship team to meet your specific needs, and there are fantastic incentives for participation. New employees, along with incumbent employees can participate in apprenticeship programs if they are growing their skills in structured programs. Also, we do the paperwork for you!

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