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Badges & Certificates

We Make RI has tests that prove your capabilities and knowledge.

How do I get a Badge or Certification?

You earn RI Manufacturing Badges by passing an exam.

Anyone can sign up to take an exam – even if you don’t train with We Make RI. Call 401-232-0077 or email

Testing takes place BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Stack your certificates to test out of classes and earn credit in Apprenticeships!

The fee to take a We Make RI Exam is $15 per exam.
There is a one-time Registration Fee of  $35.
MSSC pricing is on their website at or by calling We Make RI at 401-232-0077 for information.

What Badges and Certificates are Available?

  • Math Basics
  • Shop Math 1
  • Shop Math 2
  • Shop Trig
  • Lean Basics
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles and Practices
  • Shop Safety 1
  • Benchwork and Assembly 1
  • Quality Basics
  • Print Reading 1
  • Print Reading 2
  • Precision Measurement 1
  • Precision Measurement 2
  • GD&T Basics
  • Feeds and Speeds 1
  • Controller Basics
  • Programming Basics
  • MSSC Quality and Precision Measurement
  • MSSC Maintenance
  • MSSC Safety
How Does My Employer Know That I Earned My Badge Or Certification?
You will receive your certified paperwork from We Make RI or MSSC to provide to your employer.

You can keep a certified copy in your Job Docs Valet portfolio.

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