Apprentice FAQ’s

What is an apprentice?
An apprentice is a formal position designation for a full-time employee in specific occupations. Apprentices are registered with the Department of Labor, their time on the job is recorded and must be spent on specific tasks.
How do I get to be an apprentice?
To be an apprentice you must (a) have a full-time job with an employer who has registered an apprentice training program with the Department of Labor, (b) have a sponsor, (c) be enrolled in a classroom training program and (d) complete 2,000 hours each year on the job in the occupation you are apprenticing in, doing prescribed and monitored tasks.
How do I get a sponsor?
Sometimes your employer is your sponsor.  We Make RI will sponsor you no matter where you work, as long as you work at an employer with a registered apprentice program.
How do I know if my employer has a registered apprentice program?
The easiest way is to call us at 401-232-0077.
What type of classroom training do I have to take?
You must take the training described in your employer’s Apprentice program that is registered with the Department of Labor.
What occupations can I apprentice in?
Right now, the occupations of CNC Machinist, Quality Inspector, Grinder, Machine Mechanic, and Tool Maker are available.  We are adding new titles all the time.
Where can I learn more about Apprenticeship?

Learn more here

What do apprentice employers have to do?
  • Supervise the On the Job Learning components designed specifically for their Apprentices
  • Support the continuous learning for Apprentices
  • Receive substantial incentives based on the number of Apprentices on the premises

We Make RI can do the paperwork, provide trained Pre-Apprentices, and design custom Apprentice programs to meet your unique learning needs! 

Are all apprentices entry-level workers?

No. If you are changing jobs within manufacturing or if you’re moving up to a better position and need training – that’s an opportunity to (re) Apprentice!

As long as there is a formal training program in place, registered with the Apprentice Council, then incumbent workers can be Apprentices.

Talk with our Apprentice Specialist before you make a decision on offering a promotion – you may receive substantial incentives for the training you would be doing anyway.

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