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Apprentice FAQ’s

What is an apprentice?
An apprentice is a formal position designation for a full-time employee in specific occupations. Apprentices are registered with the Department of Labor, their time on the job is recorded and must be spent on specific tasks.
How do I get to be an apprentice?
To be an apprentice you must (a) have a full-time job with an employer who has registered an apprentice training program with the Department of Labor, (b) have a sponsor, (c) be enrolled in a classroom training program and (d) complete 2,000 hours each year on the job in the occupation you are apprenticing in, doing prescribed and monitored tasks.
How do I get a sponsor?
Sometimes your employer is your sponsor.  We Make RI will sponsor you no matter where you work, as long as you work at an employer with a registered apprentice program.
How do I know if my employer has a registered apprentice program?
The easiest way is to call us at 401-232-0077.
What type of classroom training do I have to take?
You must take the training described in your employer’s Apprentice program that is registered with the Department of Labor.
What occupations can I apprentice in?
Right now, the occupations of CNC Machinist, Quality Inspector, Grinder, Machine Mechanic, and Tool Maker are available.  We are adding new titles all the time.
Where Can I learn more about Apprenticeship?
Learn more here
What Do Apprentice Employers Have to Do?
  • Supervise the On the Job Learning components designed specifically for their Apprentices
  • Support the continuous learning for Apprentices
  • Receive substantial incentives based on the number of Apprentices on the premises

We Make RI can do the paperwork, provide trained Pre-Apprentices, and design custom Apprentice programs to meet your unique learning needs! 

Are All Apprentices Entry Level Workers?
No. If you are changing jobs within manufacturing or if you’re moving up to a better position and need training – that’s an opportunity to (re) Apprentice!

As long as there is a formal training program in place, registered with the Apprentice Council, then incumbent workers can be Apprentices.

Talk with our Apprentice Coordinator before you make a decision on offering a promotion – you may receive substantial incentives for the training you would be doing anyway.

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